After 200 years, Toy Ricky seemed to change quite a bit, though still retaining at least a part of his old personality.


Toy Ricky hasn't changed very much appearance-wise, he still looks pretty much the same as he did 200 years ago, he hasn't even withered one bit. Though that is most likely due to him being kept in top condition, because he is the Guardian. He still wears his blue bowtie, though has a fedora on his head, making him look more awesome. He also has a monucle that he wears over his left eye.


While he retains his general politeness towards women, Toy Ricky is just as aggressive to any other male. His personality has shifted from the polite Englishman he once was to a ruler corrupt with power, letting his greatest soldier out to die just for his own personal means. He believes that when Tin died, he was the cause of the apocolypse.


After being elected the ruler of a province he named "Rickivania", he became corrupt with power and lost any care he had for most of his soldiers, all except Toy Katt. He cared for her due to her being strong yet intelligent and fast.

Toy Ricky always had a hatred for bandits, sending Ron and Toy Katt to kill them. Ron found out that they had done nothing but steal a little food, which made him mad. He left Rickivania and became a Rogue. Toy Ricky hated Ron for this, saying he was no better than the bandits.

Then the events of the 200 years later roleplay happened.

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