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Toy Sly is a toy version of the original Sly The Ghost. She has changed a little bit by her apperence.


Ghostly Gray body, Black hair, red tears.


Sly was tired of her appereance so she used her ghost magic to change her appereance. She looks way scarier and she still uses the same jumpscare! The night guard Jeremy saw her and got scared. It was too late and he was put in a suit. Sly thought she would do this more often to the nightguard.


She goes inside your mind, You get a few visions of your past, Than you pass out. After that she takes you and puts you in a suit. Her jumpscare is the same in all 4 games.


  • "Oh my god! What is going on?" When something is going on in the pizzaria.
  • "Oh my god, They/I/she/he/it killed User!" When someone/something killed User
  • "Think of the children! IM A CHILD!!!" When nothing goes her way


  • Her tears are simmalar to Marionette/The Puppet but they are red.
  • Her quote "Oh my god, They/I/she/he/it killed Template:Username" Is a refference to a quote in the tv show South Park "Oh my god, They/We/It/She/He killed Kenny!"


IMG 20151206 132859

My drawing of Toy Sly

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