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Toy Snowstruck

Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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Were you looking for Original Snowstruck? Snowstruck Destruction

Toy Snowstruck is a toy version of snowstruck.


The animatronics thought that the kids would hate Snowstruck in the new Freddy Fazbear's, so they fixed her up and made her a toy animatronic. The kids loved her, but straight after eating pizza, they would go up to her and touch her. Apparently, when she is touched by hands covered in pizza, she is powered up. She is a little more different, Instead of hugging you, she kisses you and then you have TWO MINUTES.


Toy snowstruck has lavender fur. Her scar is stiched up as well. Her 2 front arms are fully furry, her crutch leg is half fixed and so is her back endoskeleton leg.


They still have winter palace

Trivia Edit

  • Toy Snowstruck is lavender instead of her original color grey
  • Snowstruck gets more and more aggressive as her counter parts go up.

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