Toy Soda

Toy Sodapop is the attempted revamp of the original Sodapop The Bartender, and she appears in Five Nights At The Inventory. She has the same screen as Sodapop, but with rosy cheeks, like most of the other Toys, an orange rounded figure, and one wheel on the bottom of her.


Toy Sodapop was made along with the rest of the Toy Crew, during the events of Five Nights at The Inventory. After Night 6, the Toy Crew was scrapped, but the Cutting Crew gave her amnesty and accepted her. Toy Soda is currently selling items alongside Merle Chanter, trying to get a new start.


Toy Sodapop is active on Night 1 and onwards, and one of the biggest threats to you early on. Like her old counterpart, she moves swiftly, but can be heard moving. If you see her at your ventway, you have to very quickly close the door or else the game will end in her jumpscare, diving for your face. Toy Soda will destroy Watchman, so watch out fr for her when using it.


She is very optimistic, perky, and energetic. She can be selfish and indulgent at times, though.

Special Relations

Sodapop: She has a secret love for him; the two get along better than most counterparts do.

Melissa: Melissa is actually her best friend; Toy Soda is one of the only people that try to get along with her.

Toy Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Mangle: They have sympathy for her, since she lost her friends when they were scrapped.


-She has one wheel while the original Sodapop had two.

-Unlike the original, Toy Soda has a touchscreen drink-ordering system.

-Her hands are bigger than her own face; this is something other animatronics love to make of.

-Toy Soda actually fires soda faster than the original Sodapop, most likely due to better technology.

-She has a very murderous glitch in her system involving lights going out sometimes. She will murder anything in the dark.