oy Spring Bonnie is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at the New Fredbears ,as a Toy version of Spring Bonnie.


He’s an humanoid animatronic, meant to be a Toy version of Spring Bonnie. He is blond, has bunny ears, red cheeks and light green eyes.

TSB wears a purple tie, a light brown vest with a yellow shirt below, blue jeans and dark grey shoes.


He has a personality softer than Faith,even being a little intimidated by her sometimes. At day,he’s a bit shy and clumbsy, don’t talking much and it’s always smiling while playing his guitar or playing with childrens.

At night, he becomes noisy and slower than in day, appearing to be talking with the others, always with his sclera all black as Faith, staring you with a serious expression.

In the minigames, in the aspect of personality, his soul is fearful and a “crybaby”, as told by other children in the minigames.


Toby (his soul), when alive he always went to the new restaurant, expecting to see all his "friends, wich cause to the others kids think that he was a bit crazy. One day, he was invited by a strange man tp gp tp a parts and services room, which he never came back.

His soul is locked in Toy Spring Bonnie, wanting the same thing the others animatronics want: revenge.


At the first three nights, it's more active than Faith,

More soon

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