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There was once a girl in a faraway land, she was the daughter of a monster and worked in his band,

30 years later that creature appears, beastly and broken whom shedded bloody tears...

(Beat goes techno) 0

Two Springs! Opposites attract! Two Springs! It's like a monster mash!!
Springtrap Slide Gif

Two Springs!

(Beat goes to rock)

At first she was afraid of the former Purple Guy, but soon later it worked out nice,

The fires are back but this Springtrap guy knows it's way because...

Two Springs, the opposites attract! Two Springs (Two Springs!) it's like a monster mash!! (x2)

Phone Guy: It may sound bad but she's not in danger, but of course there's a bump in the road, Phone Guy: He killed her father and his friends but of the course of history is gonna change forever...

Ohh, it burns! The fires in their eyes their used to destruction so they think it's nice,

Two Springs! (x2), Opposites attract, Two's like a monster mash...

Springtrap: Its so nice to have company around... Springfield: good thing to, cause that company is you...


  • (Repeats 3 times)


On Youtube, look up: O Fortuna, and you'll find the rhythm.

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