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She has a special place in FNaF1 called "Rainbow Land" where she stayed, in FNaF2 though, she had a special area which was engraved into Kid's Cove called "Rainbow Land".


She is known to be quite annoying, as you never know if she will dash at you from the hallway or just come from the vents (Yes, she has 2 types of jumpscares, problem?). She can move quite rapidly, as this is seen on later nights, and for some reason her hallway attack becomes more common. She activates on 2AM, and on night 3, 4AM.

Custom Night

In a Custom Night, Unifluffia is able to magically teleport from room to room, and she is ALWAYS active like Foxy (When set to 0, she moves at a medium speed). If she teleports, which is quite rare but damaging for a strategy, you will hear a small "BOOM!".

  • On levels 0-5, she can teleport 1% and will move slowly but not like a slug.
  • 6-8, she can teleport 5% and move at a near medium but still a bit slow speed.
  • 9-13, she teleports at a rate of 15% and moves at a just over medium speed.
  • 14-19, she has a chance of 19% to teleport, and moves nearly rapidly.
  • 20, she teleports with a deadly rate of 23%, and moves RAPIDLY.
  • On "She Bat" Night (Custom? Custom Night!), she has a AI of 20 with Chica at 13 and Toy Chica at 15.
  • On "Ladies Night", she is on a AI of 17 (to not troll em' players, you know? Scott ain't going to get much out of OP animatronics and nights!)
  • On "Big Bang" Night (Custom? Custom night!) she appears with a AI of 21 (Just over the difficulty of 20, only slightly harder). For this special night with this exclusive AI, she teleports at a rate of 24%.


Unifluffia is a magical unicorn animatronic which does not have a human-like animatronic, instead she is a PROPER horse animatronic (stands on 4 legs, so on).

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