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unknown is one of the strangest animatronics of the pizzeria,he is a human-like animatronic,colored like a phantom animatronic,three long metalic hair and eyes like sonic.exe


he was supposed to be an animatronic in the game area but he was too scary so he was throwed away to the parts and service with bonnie,chica,foxy and freddy and he is a very good friend of them


(for now,no)


normal:title says it all

rage:his eyes get fully red and red aura comes off him,in this mode,he only wants to destroy the one who made him angry

crazy:his eyes get fully white,he starts twitching and plays the toreador march in this mode,sometimes,small sparks comes out of his this mode he is very hard to deafeat


toy chica

(it will be added more later)

unknown's battle theme

What I'm Made of - Sonic Heroes Music Extended30:00

What I'm Made of - Sonic Heroes Music Extended

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