Upon clicking SpringTrap and pressing C+D+? (Yes you actually press the ? Key.) a strange minigame starts.


The player plays as a strange figure seeming to be an odd animatronic. The game plays out in a similar style to S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M, in a top down view. The player can explore an odd restaurant not seen in any game yet. In a random room a poster of Golden Freddy appears.


So far, 3 endings to the minigame have been discovered.

Basic Ending

When the player touches the Golden Freddy Poster, the minigame ends with static. A voice can be heard faintly in the static saying "it's me", echoed by "it's him."

Shadow Ending

The shadow ending is achieved if the player ignores the golden Freddy poster and moved it another room and returns. Rarely the poster will be replaced with a Shadow Freddy poster. Touching it causes the player to fly left, clipping through walls until passing through the last left wall. 10 rooms of plain blackness pass. Once the 11th room is reached, however, a light blue room with the shadow of an unknown animatronic is on the ground.

Blood Ending

If the player has ever gotten one of the boot up SpringTrap screens the player gets access to a hidden room through the left wall of the starting room. This secret room has an ambient breathing in the background, in place of music. The room is blank, but once exited, a close up of the same unknown animatronic crying blood is flashed onto the screen for 3 frames. On the bottom of the pic, the words "It is time" are written. This ending an only be accessed once.

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