Decided the first teaser may have been a bit too obvious, so I decided to make things a little more interesting. I wonder how close anyone can get to the story behind this...but believe me a bit of thought is required to get the right answer.

Well, without further ado, I present the next teaser! But this time...In poetry!

Can I?

On my throne of blackened steel,

I watch the Guard eat his final meal.

The Rook moves forward, on tiles of red and black it slides,

You can’t stop it, and nor can I.

He’s completely oblivious to the grating sound,

As the restless robots wander around.

Their souls are trapped. They cannot die,

They can’t help it, yet nor can I.

Bonnie is waiting, right outside the door,

A sight the rookie could hardly ignore.

His hand on the button, the bunny is denied.

He didn’t make it, but nor did I.

On the other side, Chika leaps and strikes,

Giving the Night Guard more than a fright.

 Chika kills him, ignoring his cries,

She can’t fight it, and nor could I.


The Marionette smiles while I frown,

As he dances around and around.

In his claws, the blood-stained Pawn of mine,

I’m sure he killed it, but then again.....

...Did I?

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