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    Ideas for the Collab

    March 31, 2016 by Ben10fan3

    Here are some ideas for the collab between Freezy and I:

    • It takes place after Fazbear's Fright, where former Fazbear Entertainment Inc. employees (such as Mike Schmidt, if he even is still around), buy the remainders of Fazbear's Fright after the fire and build a new Fredbear and Friends' location it once was. Thanks to some Fredbear blueprints and some spare parts (such as parts of Freddy's endoskeleton and parts of the Golden Freddy suit), they managed to rebuilt Fredbear. After some remodeling and disposing of the corpse inside Springtrap, they managed to revive SpringBonnie too. 
    • But, like what happened at Freddy's, things go south. People complain about seeing "ghostly versions of the animatronics" (the Phantoms), and the company is los…
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  • Ben10fan3

    So, I decided that there were a lot of missing links between FNaF1 and FNaF3, as 3 obviously takes place after 1 and 2 takes place before 1 but after 4. So, I decided there was something need to fill these links between  1 and 3. And this is how FNaF5 was born. ( )

    So I have a couple of updates to make for it:

    There are going to be a couple of editions for it (like how there was the Halloween Edition for FNaF4).

    Most will celebrate certain holidays such as Halloween or Easter. With these, there will be a couple of remodels of animatronics and  some actually updates to the game. 

    Since today is Easter, I will edit the page and "release" an East…

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