Here are some ideas for the collab between Freezy and I:

  • It takes place after Fazbear's Fright, where former Fazbear Entertainment Inc. employees (such as Mike Schmidt, if he even is still around), buy the remainders of Fazbear's Fright after the fire and build a new Fredbear and Friends' location it once was. Thanks to some Fredbear blueprints and some spare parts (such as parts of Freddy's endoskeleton and parts of the Golden Freddy suit), they managed to rebuilt Fredbear. After some remodeling and disposing of the corpse inside Springtrap, they managed to revive SpringBonnie too. 
  • But, like what happened at Freddy's, things go south. People complain about seeing "ghostly versions of the animatronics" (the Phantoms), and the company is losing customers fast. Being hired as a night guard you have been tasked with making sure no one steals the animatronics, and they do not act weird. If they kill you, the new Fredbear and Friends is over.

How does that sound so far? - Beta. 

(Freezy Note: Well, maybe we could have the normal animatronics. They could be withered in the same ways as their nightmare counterparts, but without the teeth and claws and Freddles. Maybe they are withered because they aren't finished being rebuilt. I only have one request for this. Bonnie has no upper jaw.)

I like that idea, they could start in a recently built Parts/Services for the building. Maybe there could also be Phantom versions of Mangle, BB, Toy Bon, and Puppet, but that just makes the game have too many animatronics. So, maybe it could just be just a WIP rebuild of Freddy's gang (like you suggested) and the duo of SpringBonnie anfd Fredbear? I am leaning towards having just 6 animatronics. -Beta

(Freezy Note: What about, you are transfering the animatronics and have to keep them at a different warehouse every night. Different layout every night, get to choose which layout you want for the custom night.)

That definitely is awesome. How about we have the original four animatronics (but their designs are like what you suggested),  and rebuilds of SpringBonnie and Fredbear at the first warehouse. And at each warehouse you collect new animatronics, such as barely functioning Toy Animatronics. - Beta.

(Freezy Note: I like the broken Toys, but also i'm conflicted about alot of animatronics. How about, six nights. Night 1,2,3: Fredbear, Springbonnie, classic 4. Then for 4,5,6 we add the Toys)

I am up for that. Shall I start the page? - Beta.