• Bionicpeachtree

    I am making a Fnaf Fan Game with the help of a friend, called Scrapyard Nightshift.

    I am looking for some phone call ideas (because my brain is dead right now) and I would love the help! I need 5 phone calls for 5 nights. I will choose the ones that stand out most to me. Good Luck! :) 

    1st Night Call: Only needs to explain Scrappy the Broken Wolf (anamatronic, will add description soon.) ; Closing Doors ; and checking the Generator:::There's a camera that shows a generator, which not only controls Door Power but also Oxygen flow. I'm making it so that Scrappy sometimes tries to shut it down, and so you have to play audio to lure him away. Like FNAF 3.

    Sorry if this text looks wierd :C


    2nd Night: N/A

    3rd N…

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