You're probably wondering how the game is going. I'm sorry to tell this to you guys, but the game was cancelled....for a while. I had to admit that a war concept between robots and humans is kind of dumb, especially since the robots (Bracer, Drillbit, etc) look kind of crappy. So I decided to redo the whole thing, but to where it will return to FNAB's roots, but there will be major new features in this remaster, like.

- Able to make choices within the game - Both V1 and V2 robots are in the game - Male/Female gender choice - Multiple Endings - 4 New Locations to explore and survive post-game. - New mechanics - Character Development with the robotics - Extras/Creator Commentary - The robots move around, similar to the TJOC: R where the robots moved around.

So how about it? With these new details announced, are you excited for the revival of FNAB: Remastered? Let me know in the comments!
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