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FNAB: Remastered News!

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"Miss, we have sent out all versions of the original five models to their main locations along with the Prototype Guardians. Here's the order,

Theme Park: Alpha

Daycare: Echo

Abandoned Cave: Beta

School District: Bravo

Factory: Delta"

"Excellent, now proceed with the plans. We won't let those siblings ruin the main plan..."

"U-uh, yes miss!" 

I believe it was too predictable for each level's boss, so I tossed it up by showing new characters for bosses instead. It will be a major game like FNAB: Buried.

Expect the game when it comes out as I can't confirm dates.

For Shadowboy192,

"You were right! It does help with my fuse! Thanks for the advice, bro!" - BomberGirl34 

"I guess you were right about your idea, but only for a few seconds, did you really take them for idiots?" - Four Armed and Dangerous.

"That's what I thought! By the way, it might be after Slicer or Bracer." - SawShard

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