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Hey, guys! It's your friendly fire Blueflame. (I can't believe I said that.) After some thinking, I have decided to create the story "Operation Takedown" for the game. It's still being made as it will be a long one, but hopefully it will peak your interest. In case you don't know, here is the plot idea.

"After Dr. Rosa unintentionally found a blueprint for new designs, mistaking it for a treasure map, Dessi along with his 5 other siblings, Brandon, Rosa, Hailey, Billison, and Jet set out to see where this map takes them. Unknowing to them, it will lead them into a encounter with the most fearsome robotics otherwise known as the Midnight Army."

Like I said in the previous blog, Five Nights At Frisky's 19: Dessi gains 1 Subscriber belongs to SpringThing14, I only own the enemies for it. For the story, I only own the story idea and my characters.

Here is a small slip from the story,

"Uh guys?" Rosa said with fear in her voice. Dessi turns around to ask what did she found when he spots it himself.

Now if you excuse me, I got a story to finish! (Here's a picture from the game page!)

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