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(Yes, all of them are aware of the Brother Location by SpringThing and yes, she was mentioning Vex.)

(Operation Takedown Part 3 excerpt)

"Going to war with the Midnight Army and the Shadow Corporation is by far the craziest idea I have ever heard, a freaking child could see that it is a mistake." Polly protested.

"He's right! Sending our bandmates and Jessi's siblings to a place where they shouldn't even be in the first place where they could potentially provoke a robotic army force that not only has more firepower than us, but also has control over the cites around our area!" Jessi lectured.

"He does have a point, Frisky." Porky supported.

(Story ideas)

Suggest in the comments what short story will be featured next!

(A#######r L######n News)

I planned to release this game in December, but thanks to my roommates Bree, Zabby, and Aria, I can get it done by Thanksgiving break. Hopefully, I can get this game to help you out with the story and lore behind this game series.

Until then, I will see you later!

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