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Yes, it's called Square 5. Shadowboy once again got me thinking. If I pretty much made copies of the FNAF series, might as well as make a FNAF World copy, except I will try to make it as different as possible. 

It was due to me believing that I should make robots FIGHT you! Except that there is a main objective in the description.

"Finally taking over the entirety of a continent, David and Ashley decided that they must be stopped. Fight your way through cites, the skies, and underground as they must reach the Chaos Leaders and defeat them. Did you have what it takes to defeat the Chaos League?"

Chaos Leaders:

Bracer (Robot)

The Overseer  (Hybrid)

Lolen  (Element)

B-0 (Demon)

??? (Final Boss)

(Well, I just revealed Lolen, one of the FNAE 3 enemies. She is a way. Anyways, shout-outs goes to SpringThing14, Shadowboy192, and Tina.g.sherwin for encouraging me to continue this series. Now if you excuse me, I got to finish Operation Takedown! See you later!)

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