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  • BoltBlizard

    ColourTale - Preview

    February 27, 2016 by BoltBlizard

    So, I'm planning out things for my upcoming page ColourTale. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect.

    ColourTale will play in a similar way to a couple bullethell games. Avoid projectiles or whatever with limited space, or you lose. There will be twists eventually, but remember that this is a preview. Think of it like Undertale's bullethell system, but a few things changed. While it's based upon that system, not everything will be 100% the same.

    Along with the Undertale based bullethell, it's based off Undertale's casual and cheerful world you can roam around to your liking as the game progresses, meeting new characters, new challenges, and new options. However, that's not all! There are plenty of different ways you can play the game too…

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  • BoltBlizard

    1 Year

    January 3, 2016 by BoltBlizard

    Well. This is it. Marking off my time here ever since this day last here. So many things... Have changed. But enough with me being silly. I'd better explain why I've made this, and what it all means. Well, first off, I've been here 1 year now. Not bad, but that's not really special when you think about it. But what do I plan to do with it? Simple. I combine more things into new ideas. I would explain what I mean, buuut.. For now, let's just make this a Q&A.

    For those who don't even know what I mean, let me explain. You ask questions, I respond to them. Simple as that.

    What you waiting for? Ask away!

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  • BoltBlizard

    Disobeying Opinions

    December 14, 2015 by BoltBlizard

    .....I don't know why I'm doing this.. I just have so many ideas at the ready for it.

    If you know what this is for, you better SHUT UP ABOUT IT NOW. Thank you very much!

    Freddy acts like your standard tutorial for the beginning of the game until you've met all characters, including her. Noble, happy-go and humorous, she's the one character who will try to amuse you.

    BBB has gone through a major change for this game. Now named Blam, she's joyful, hyper and snappy, not one to give up and always longs for a bit of enjoyment.

    The RED Medic has gone through a bit of a change. Now younger, smaller and called Red, she's patient and calm unlike her twin sister Blue.

    The female Inkling has been given a slight change. With a proper name of Candy, she's a…

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  • BoltBlizard


    November 22, 2015 by BoltBlizard
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  • BoltBlizard

    Planning ahead

    November 12, 2015 by BoltBlizard

    Hey people, Bolt here. It seems like every other genre of game I've touched upon, they've hit the spot. But what if I did something.. Not like myself.. I've done FPS, horror, sandbox, RPG, fighting, racing and soon to be a platformer.. But.. What the hell comes next?

    Get the FNOC series I have.. Turn EVERYONE female.. And oh boy, have we got a mess.. Simply put, yes, it's a stupid idea having to change a few things! How would I recover from it? By making the events not canon in my timeline of course! I think you might know the genre by now.. And no, it's not ANY other genre I've done before..

    (I'm gonna hate making this.. I hope you're that twisted to shut up about it now. (I'M LOOKING AT A CERTAIN SOMEONE.))

    Select 10 canon FNAF characters, …

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