NOTE: If you are reading this, please do NOT steal the idea. Whoever steals it.. You know what happens when you steal stuff, right?

ALSO. Don't read this if you don't want to spoil it for others. They can find it themselves, but it's nice to see you helping them.

Hey guys! Bolt here! I have decided to give y'all a sneak peek on my upcoming page. Read at your own risk.

The most facinating part about a human is the head. More exact, the mind. But do you know what is actually inside the head..? Enter your mind and explore around for 5 days straight, doing various things along the way. It should be noted you are not the only one there. But by exploring your mind.. You are supposed "dead" from the real world. All the others in your mind want to send you back to reality. So.. Do you let them.. Or.. Do you explore anyway?

Next, I'm sure you want to know 5 rather important things about said idea, the more important things first.

Q1- What is the idea going to be called?

A1- Five days Inside Out.

Q2- Why did you choose to do this?

A2- Because I wanted to try something new, seeing as not many people "toy" around with their opportunities.

Q3- Can you name one mechanic that will be present?

A3- Yes I can. I'm planning to do something with the recall tubes, that.. Well.. You'll see.

Q4- When will you create the page?

A4- On my birthday, September 21st.

Q5- Seeing as it's clearly based off Inside Out, can you name some characters that will be present?

A5- Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger will be present. Got a problem with that? No? Good.

If you have read all that, props to you. And I will be seeing you sooner or later, bye bye.


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