Hey people, the Zombie Man here, or as you guys all know me on here, just Bolt. As you have probably seen, I've been working on my new page Fazbear Wasteland quite a lot recently. (If you haven't checked it, please do, I'd like to know your opinion.) But to the point, I'm running out of boss ideas. So, here's the thing - I have planned attacks and everything for future bosses, but the main problem, low on appearance ideas to base the attacks off of. So, if you're kind enough, please feel free to suggest ideas. Keep in mind, I have a few.. Specifications..

The next boss I will add has 3 parts, the main part to defeat it, and then two "arms" persay. This one requires something that has a body part that allows a creature to move, and two of the same arm type.

After that, there is a huge wall-type enemy which will chase you until you reach the edge of the world. I simply need an appearance description, and that's good to go.

And the last one I need help with.. A boss based off of some sort of material, would be appreciated. Say... Steel? Cobalt? Titanium?

None-the-less, I'd like to hear your ideas of the boss and the appearance, and I will take the ideas. Also, why not help with the names of the bosses too? Thanks, Bolt out.

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