Balloon Boy


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Male characters

Tyle + Guaco

  • Tyle and Guaco are a pair of animatronics who co-operate together. Tyle is the rider, Guaco is a robotic dodo. Tyle can slide under your doors, and Guaco can use his metal beak to block the doors before they get shut.


  • They both begin together at their own unique location: Crystal Cove, which is a crystal-covered version on the Game Area. It is 2 cameras near the Show Stage.
  • Tyle - After he leaves Crystal Cove, he will go with Guaco until they reach the Show Stage, which is when they split up. He then heads to the West Hall, West Hall Corner, and tries to get into the office.
  • Guaco: After he leaves Crystal Cove, he will go with Tyle until they reach the Show Stage, which is when they split up. He then heads to the Office Vent (above the office) and tries to get in from above.


  • Pluff is a big, hungry and cheerful bowling-ball like animatronic. He can roll through at fast speeds, similar to Foxy, and if he isn't checked on often where-ever he is, he will EAT the door closest to him as long it is shut, meaning you can only use the lights and Freddy Fazbear head to save you.


  • Pluff begins hiding in the Kitchen, disguised as a big watermelon, and then rolls straight into Pirate Cove, then bounces straight down either west, or east hall. He will then attempt to eat the door if it is shut.

Female characters


  • Jesster is a female human character who wears a jester costume, and from time to time appears at Freddy's place to entertain the kids with a few jester-like tricks. Her personality is polite and clownish, but that's no reason to mix her up with someone else.


  • Jesster starts at Kid's Cove, , then moves to the Prize Courner and Main Hall quickly, then to Party Room 3, Party Room 1, and then the Right Air Vent, before entering the office. When inside the office, she will steal your Freddy Fazbear head so you can't use it.

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