Hey people, Bolt here. It seems like every other genre of game I've touched upon, they've hit the spot. But what if I did something.. Not like myself.. I've done FPS, horror, sandbox, RPG, fighting, racing and soon to be a platformer.. But.. What the hell comes next?


Option 1


Get the FNOC series I have.. Turn EVERYONE female.. And oh boy, have we got a mess.. Simply put, yes, it's a stupid idea having to change a few things! How would I recover from it? By making the events not canon in my timeline of course! I think you might know the genre by now.. And no, it's not ANY other genre I've done before..

(I'm gonna hate making this.. I hope you're that twisted to shut up about it now. (I'M LOOKING AT A CERTAIN SOMEONE.))

Option 2


Select 10 canon FNAF characters, and basically shove them into a strategy game in which they must co-operate to acheive various feats to progress the story line of the game. Each of the 10 characters chosen will all have their unique use in the game which will arrive sooner or later than you might think.

That's it.

Any questions for either option? Also, why not vote for the poll below which one you want, and if you're that sadastic to make me tortured, you'd pick option 1.. But honestly, up to you guys.

Which option do you pick?

The poll was created at 06:56 on November 12, 2015, and so far 18 people voted.

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