Hello hello! I see you've seen this already. As the title suggests, you can post comments with ideas for my latest game idea, Bots V.S Guards.

How it works

You post the idea, and I will reply. If I accept it, you can add it into the table of teams where it belongs (no image! I will add the robodex entries myself too.)


Name: What is it called?

Team: Is it a Bot or is it a defensive thing for Guards?

Health: How much health does it have?

Type: (Only for Guard defenses) Is it a wall, a weapon or a trap?

Special: (Only for Bots) Can this Bot do something unique? And what is it?

Speed: (only for Bots) How fast does this Bot go? (2-15)

Robodex Entry: (Only for Bots) A funny thing about the Bot. What is it? Something about the past?

Appearance: What does it look like?


Foxy - Suggested by Foxstar241

Officer Bot - Suggested by ManinBlack007JK

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