Thanks Scott-BW

Where my characters are

Bungale: At the top center.

Sapella: To the left.

Hydro: Bottom center.

Pluff: On Hydro's head.

Tyle and Guaco: Bottom left.

Jesster: Bottom right.

Medice: Top left

Boni: Top right

Grace: The "I'm mute" sign.

Bolt-Bon: Dead center.

Pixx: To the left of Bolt-Bon.

Blanch: To the right of Bolt-Bon

Toy Bungale: Top left corner.

Sheca: To the right of Toy Bungale.

Aurun: Covering Toy Bungale in the top left corner.

Toy Sapella: To the right.

Blossom: Above Bolt-Bon, the red arm.

Sollest: The brown arm above Bolt-Bon.

Cassei: The cyan arm above Bolt-Bon.

Balloon Lass: The balloon.

Phantom Bungale: Top right corner.

Pom: The orange arm with the grey rectangle, her pole.

THANK YOU ALL! Do you want me to do this for any other games I did..? FNOC for example?

Do you want me to do this kind of image for Five Nights of Crossover (the new characters included)?

The poll was created at 14:38 on August 8, 2015, and so far 11 people voted.

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