OK, now I've crossed the thin white line. No more FNAF 3 fanboy, toss out all the others, and now, I have one sentence for what this means.

Bungale is now dead.

Yes, Bungale is dead. Why? Remember how Wolfy died? Yeah, due to offensive comments, relating to bad language. But my problem here, Bungale is dead JUST because of his first images in 2D, where apparently, his tail is up his backside. I have one answer. If we could see the back, it might not be on his backside, and might actually be on his back! With that said, rest in peace, Bungale. 9th December 2014 - 26th March 2015. Rest in peace, Bungale. Rest in peace indeed.

Dying Bounce

Bungale's final image EVER.

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