Crystal Morrow

aka Mimikyu aka Pikachu Deguise.

  • I live in In a abandoned shopping place.
  • My occupation is Trying to get the Mimikyu some attention? IDK
  • I am Hiding
  • Crystal Morrow

    Who hates Balloon Boy? Just curious. I hate Balloon Boy officially. You my opinion now what's yours?

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  • Crystal Morrow

    How about you people on this wikia try using belender it's easy to use.

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  • Crystal Morrow

    Should this be a thing?

    September 23, 2016 by Crystal Morrow

    Should a background music for a game that has something to do with Suicide Mouse should the song be there? Also I have downloaded this so why not?

    This place is a suicide

    Real Suffering is not known

    The sights of hell bring its veiwers back in

    I don't deserve this life

    I've made many mistakes

    I've seen true despair

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  • Crystal Morrow

    RP is up!

    September 10, 2016 by Crystal Morrow

    My RP I have secretly planed on doing is up if you want info check it out and this is Crystal Morrow signing off!

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  • Crystal Morrow

    I need ideas for like Five nights at the digital world and the sequels and prequels (I have already spoiled what a game in the series might be way to go for me.) but there is a camera feature and doors and lights but however there is one other thing I already have planned. It is Suicide Mouse.avi. And a noise feature and that's all the ideas I have so tell some good things I'll write the in notes for the game. And still the first game is still hard as hell and hard to beat (Also all max mode is so hard there is a 10% chance two animatronics will appear in your office at 5 am.)

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