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  • I live in Dah Internootz.
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is BEING A MEME!
  • I am Male
  • Demonic BB

    Recording 4

    June 22, 2017 by Demonic BB

    Hey! You there? Alright, third night! Most people usually don't get this far, so we prepared you a little treat. We activated Cody for the night and he'll be bringing you a fresh hot plate of Lasagna! We rigged it to be started at 2am, so expect it around 3. If you see Cody at 3am, let him in. He'll just walk in, place the Lasagna on the desk and walk right back out. Easy peasy. Hell, if you're lucky, he'll even bring you a drink.

    We're still working on that Music Box thing, but nothing new's come of it. What else...oh yeah.

    I should probably tell you about Johnny. He's the octopus Janitor animatronic. If there's any spills or mess, he's equipped with a moisture detector, so he'll go over to the mess and clean it right up. Whatever you do, d…

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  • Demonic BB

    Recording 3

    June 21, 2017 by Demonic BB

    Hey! You there? Welcome back! So, your second night here. Fantastic. I'm sorry if I sound a bit off, I caught a cold, heh.

    So, if you look at the Rewards Room, you'll see a new puppet! Meet Maria Netta. We're unsure if it ever had a gender, so...Yeah. Anyway, apparently, it came with a Music Box, to keep it at bay when it comes to the nightshift.

    On trying to install it, we ended up breaking it...sorta. But there's good news! We wired up Reggie to repair it and managed to put it on a loop. If it ever breaks down, just guide Reggie to the Rewards Room using the Audio System and they'll repair it. See? Easy peasy. We'll work on fixing it for good and then I'll let you know on your next shift about it.

    That's all. I'll talk to ya the next night.…

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  • Demonic BB

    Recording 2

    June 20, 2017 by Demonic BB

    Hey. You there? Hi! I'm Steven. I'm going to be your quote unquote Phone Guy, heh. For starters, I need to read this by job regulations.

    Hello and welcome to Jaclyn's Pasta Palace, a place where pasta lovers can come together and enjoy a fresh plate while listening to the Jack-In-A-Boxes. If a crime is noticed, our animatronics are programmed to go to the nearest alarm box and activate it. Please remember that they are 100% kid-friendly, so you should not attack them.

    Look, I'm gonna level with you. The only reason they hired you is because we need a human to work, otherwise the owners will be arrested and the place shut down with the animatronics being melted down and used for scrap.

    So, your office is equipped with a camera system mounted o…

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  • Demonic BB

    An issue has arisen.

    A user had asked to be unblocked. This user is of importance to Venture in that he hates his guts The user in question has vandalised 3-4 articles in the past.

    However, he says he regrets it.

    So, I personally believe a second chance is in order. But, like I said, I want this to be a team decision.

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  • Demonic BB

    Greetings, my loyal subjects. Due to Tonic AKA Venture stepping down due to stress, I will step up and take his spot.

    But, let us not focus on these titles. I want us to be equal. And I will not make any hasty decisions without feedback from you.

    Now, as my first order of being Chancellor, I hereby decree that VentureSonic has earned the title of Theme Designer. Do us proud, Sir Venture.

    And if any of you have any questions, I implore you, ask me and you shall receive an answer.

    Chancellor out.

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