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  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is BEING A MEME!
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  • Demonic BB

    Don't worry, I'm not leaving or anything. I just wanted to make this because I felt like someone needs to be thanked.

    The person I'm talking about, of course, is FazbearFreak. He helped me with Kurraka and with a depression episode I had yesterday. He's been here probably since I was and I couldn't ask for a better friend than him.

    Fazbear, thank you for not only being a great game maker, memer and staff member, but also a great friend.

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  • Demonic BB

    I'd like to talk about why updates for Ten Nights at Jaclyn's have been slow.

    I've had a cold the past couple of days and I recently got a new desk that I have to get used to. However, I've gotten used to the desk and my cold feels like it's nearly over, so updates will resume eventually.

    Also, I'd like to ask what you all think of the game and what you'd like to see added. So, post down in the comments your thoughts.

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  • Demonic BB

    I thought I'd give my thoughts on Scott's update on his project.

    Here 's the post if you didn't see it.

    Also, I originally wrote this on the Freddit, so, if you want, you can give feedback on my account, XavierMunroe.

    Scott, we can see through your attempts like Nightmare's skin.

    First off, the third reason says this.

    No, it's not a troll. (Would I ever troll you guys?)

    FNAF 3 and FNAF World leaks, as well as SL Mature Edition beg to differ.

    Secondly, the other reasons below 3.

    Yes I want to make something more lighthearted just as a way of relaxing.

    Yes, it would be free.

    No, you don't have to play it. ;)

    Let's look back at the original post. Specifically, this quote.

    Remember Foxy Fighters from Update 2?

    Foxy Fighters was a minigame from Update 2 of …

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  • Demonic BB


    June 29, 2017 by Demonic BB

    Hi, guys. I have some bad news.

    Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be doing Five Nights at Jaclyn's. I've been trying to come up with ideas, but the train's just stopped. I am so sorry to everyone that wanted to read the page, but, sadly, I cannot continue.

    They may come back, but for now, this is goodbye.

    Edit: As a certain freakish Fazbear has finally figured it out, it's gonna become TEN Nights at Jaclyn's. See you all...tomorrow.

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  • Demonic BB

    Recording 6

    June 29, 2017 by Demonic BB

    Hello? You there? Hey hey! Last shift of the week! So, if you're hearing this, then you must have survived against Maria and Jaclyn. In that case, we have prepared you a treat! We have a new dessert dish. Triple layer chocolate cake with fudge. We have Cody set up to prepare it, so you'll get it at 3.

    Also, we have fantastic news! The head wants to keep you on! You'll get your paycheck after this shift and we'll need you back on Monday. We even have a few new animatronics coming on Monday. Don't worry, I'll put in a favor and make them friendly.

    See you on Monday.

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