Hello and welcome to the Idea Center for FNADBB's.

Right, so, here's how it's gonna go.

I want you guys to submit some ideas and pictures for the game. At the same time, you can also reply to ideas and say if it's a good idea or if it should rot in the pits below us.

Also, I am adding in Mini-Nights. Mini-Nights are levels that only go to 3am, take place inbetween nights and are generally there to calm you down. No jumpscares. You can chat with the other animatronics and get some tips. You'll also be able to decorate your Office!

On rare occasions, there may be a theme. Here's a basic set of themes. You can submit some as well!

Mini-Night Themes:


Movie - Action

Video Game

Stories - Fanfics

Any ideas with 3 positive replies gets in.*

Accepted Ideas:



Freddy - Obviously me.

Bonnie - Manin

Chica - Emerald-senpai

Foxy - Bolt

Golden Freddy - Tonic

BB - Weegee

*I may make some exceptions.

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