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  • I live in your nightmares
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  • Downtown Freezy

    Wiki Activity is showing the comments from a page I just deleted as replies to a thread even though just replied with something else. I click on the thread and it's just what I replied with?

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  • Downtown Freezy
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  • Downtown Freezy

    Hello. You may have read this blog post. It was a teaser for the next FNiTC game, which is going to be the 'Sister Location' of the series

    Please note that FNiTC: Sister Location is not the actual title of the game.

    So... what does this all mean?

    The player is on vacation at Isle Delfino when Mario sends a message for help. Mario is in a familiar castle but he can't put his finger on the exact place. He was brought to the castle by a large purple ghostly figure who locked him in a cell. Mario needs your help fighting this thing, or he may meet the same fate as his brother. The player supposedly owes Mario for creating 'those monsters' revealing the identity of the player.

    Suddenly, the message is hijacked by a laughing figure who exclaims about…

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  • Downtown Freezy

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  • Downtown Freezy

    The cast of Summer Job wishes you a merry Christmas. Even if you died countless times, hopefully you'll like this poem.

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and through the Warehouse.

    Not an Endo was stirring, but something was out.

    A man scratched his head, down the hallway he looked through.

    Mack was out prowling, with nothing better to do.

    He held a pipe wrench and hungered for death.

    He was hoping that the guard would have his final breath.

    But Mack did not succeed,and was hunted down in fright.

    So, merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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