Draw any of my OCs. No using bases, or editing, only drawing. My ocs:

Penny and Perry pig

Spitz The Puppet

Balloon Buddy

Pink Guy

Orange Guy

Snarl Bear

Giggles Jigsaw

Description of Orange Guy's appearance: Full orange, thin, bald, black eyes, nothing else on face, blue tie, Holding Pistol or Mop

Description of Snarl Bear: Nightmare Bonnie body, Nightmare foxy legs, Nightmare Freddy head, Freadbear hat, hat and bowtie are red, rest is blue, endo torso is blood stained.

1st prize: Three OC drawings

2nd prize: two OC drawings

3rd prize: One OC drawing

4th prize: Drawing of either Bonnie, Freddy, or Chica

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