Penny is a pig. Penny remembers your face from when you jaywalked. You may think that was minor, but Penny doesn't. Of course, in some twist of fate, you work as a security guard in Penny's restaurant.

The diner

Penny's Porkhouse, it has a 50's theme, with Penny, a female pig, talking on stage, telling jokes and singing birthday songs. Despite the 50's theme, it is 1998.


Penny is an animatronic pig, who looks like Toy freddy. She has a bowler hat with a green band across. She has a bowtie that is also green. Her coloration is hot pink.


Perry is a red pig, who looks like old Freddy. He has a black bowler hat and bowtie, and his coloration is dark red. He has a skeleton inside of him, and is not an animatronic, just a metal suit.


I'm... guessing you know this guy.


1990, Orange Guy was a Janitor at Penny's, and children always messed the place up. They were annoying too. One day, Orange snapped. He took three kids downstairs. Bang. Bang. One kid fell to the ground. Bang. Bang. the next fell. Bang. Bang. but no kid fell. Orange Guy was tackled onto the ground and his own son wrestled the gun from him. Bang. Orange guy stumbled onto a conveyor belt, and saw spare parts being crushed before his eyes. He gained the strength to roll off, and landed in a red Penny suit. He curled up from the pain, and the suit slammed shut. He couldn't open it, and bled out. 8 years later, "Perry" joined Penny on night 2.

Credit to original Orange Guy concept to User:TotallyUnoriginalContent

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