freezy x freezy coming soon, check back to this blog for updates (dont worry no nsfw just true love)

Chater 1: Love at first stub

Freezy, a new user, had just created his first page, a beautiful thing, and yet a horrible sack of stub. Then, as he was truely realizing his potential, he saw something: An admin destroyed it with his template hammer, smashed down once, twice, until the page was no more. He saw this admin, and fell in love. The admin reminded him of someone, but who? Who did this mystery man look like. The admin looked at him, and looked down, then looked up squinting at him. He winked at Freezy, and logged off, evidenced by Special:ListUsers. Freezy was sad, worried he would never see the admin again. He logged off, and got some hot cocoa because it's f*non.

Chapter 2: A Wikia of Wiki... love? Yeah, we're working on a title

Freezy logged back on to the wiki, and then met up with the administrator again, crying over grave, that said Mr. Blue Stache "He was our father... HE WAS THE FATHER OF THE WIKI! THE FATHER OF US ALL!" The admin started tearing up, and Freezy tried to comfort him, so the Admin went on a date with Freezy.

(ye freezy x "mystery" admin yo)

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