aka druid

  • I live in earth from the 5th demension
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is adventurer/magical-artist
  • I am Imma guy.
  • DruidOmen

    Drawing Requests!

    May 17, 2015 by DruidOmen

    Hey guys! I'm doing Requests, as the title states. BUT... I do have some requirements.

    • The characters have to have a page, the only exception is with people like Emerald, who for whatever reason can't create pages.
    • No vulgar/grotesque requests. This is a kid friendly restaurant, folks! A bit of blood here or there is okay, but nothing that's basically red.
    • I can only work on a few pics at a time. So, please be patient, I'm only human!

    So don't be afraid! Come on up and request some drawings!

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  • DruidOmen

    Heyo! Its Ivan again, And today I will review one of my favorite games on this wiki! Now, now, don't leave because I said that. I'm also including a new category called "CREATIVITY"! So hold on, this is gonna be an awesome ride!

    Five Nights on YouTube is a game made by Flashlight Problems Studios.

    Acts like Bonnie, but can move faster than others. He appears at both doors, and can appear in the same room as other YouTubers. Mark will backtrack, and he will do so more often on earlier nights. His debute is night 1. He starts at the Mark Room.

    Jack Appears only at the right door. Jack moves in a zigzag pattern to the office, and doesn't backtrack unless blocked by a door. His debute is 4am on night 1 and he starts in the Mark Room.

    Wilford acts…

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  • DruidOmen


    March 23, 2015 by DruidOmen

    Hey there, all! I'm making a new game, and the teasers are gonna be here, etc, etc, etc, you know the drill. I give all credit to South for making the first teaser.

    P.S. this game is made by me and south don't ya know. But I will NOT be abandoning Five nights at warner's.

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  • DruidOmen

    Hello and welcome to the brand new family friendly pizzeria, Freddy Fazbears Pizza! An unfortunate event at the previous location has caused it to shut down, sadly. However, we, Fazbear Entertainment liked the idea of animatronics interacting with kids, so we bought the rights to the location and reopened it! Featuring a new cast of four highly sophisticated animatronics, we are determined to provide a safe and fun experience!

    We are currently looking for a security guard for the night shift! $93 a week!

    The Office has three doors, a lamp illuminating the area, and a desk fan.

    Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Platnium Gem Freddy all start here.

    All animatronics pass through here.

    Only audio is available for this camera. Golden Freddy and Spri…

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  • DruidOmen

    Hey there! I'm gonna be reviewing games now, so ha=ere is what I think is what needs to be included for a FNaF game

    • PLOT - It should have a good plot, and the story should be as mysterious as the canon games. I rate this based on secrets, and phone calls.
    • ORGANIZATION - every thing should be well organized, and no confusion on ideas. I rate this based on how well the ideas are connected.
    • CHARACTERS - THis is very straight forward and simple. I rate based on the amount of characters, if they make sense in the plot, but I will NOT rate if its a "feel free to add OCs" game.
    • PET PEEVE - I HATE it when people put "endings" on there games. It makes NO sense whatsoever. If you have one, I immediately take about 1/2 of a point off.

    I will try to rate …

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