Hey there! I'm gonna be reviewing games now, so ha=ere is what I think is what needs to be included for a FNaF game

  • PLOT - It should have a good plot, and the story should be as mysterious as the canon games. I rate this based on secrets, and phone calls.
  • ORGANIZATION - every thing should be well organized, and no confusion on ideas. I rate this based on how well the ideas are connected.
  • CHARACTERS - THis is very straight forward and simple. I rate based on the amount of characters, if they make sense in the plot, but I will NOT rate if its a "feel free to add OCs" game.
  • PET PEEVE - I HATE it when people put "endings" on there games. It makes NO sense whatsoever. If you have one, I immediately take about 1/2 of a point off.

I will try to rate fairly, but if you think something is off, feel free to tell me. THANKS! fell free to leave suggestions in the comments.

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