Balloon Boy


A review for my user time(read all please.)

This all started in December.I joined,and made my first page,Chicko the duck.I was proud of myself.Then, I created Silver Freddy.I was so happy.

At January I made my first game,Five Nights At Freddy's: The Toys Return.I was so happy.Then,after a few weeks,I added a picture.My first comment.And it was a complement!Sucsess!

February I decided to make Toy Puppet a page.I noticed some errors on his picture,but I didn't care.They were minor,anyways.

March,a page for Toy BB!

April,I decided to redesign Chicko,and kill off Toy Puppet and Toy BB.I became happy,for some reason.

I took a break on May,to make new OCs and to brain storm.The very early May,I decided to make teasers for a game.

June,I found out that 2 of my pages were deleted,but I didn't care.I released another redesign for Chicko and Toy BB.Then,My toy BB was deleted.Overall,this wiki was fun.Why did I tell you all this?Scroll down to know.

I am leaving the wiki.Farwell,every one.


  1. Foxstar.I love your OCs.Stay nice ;)
  2. MIB.You're OCs are so interesting.Stay creative :3.
  3. BoltWeed.So funny,and your OCs are creative,like Foxstar and MIB.Never stop your train of thought.

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