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DsFanboy September 9, 2015 User blog:DsFanboy

Alright,before we talk about anything,you might be wondering this:WTF HAPPENED TO DSFANBOY.Okay let me tell you.A few weeks ago,my aunt passed away.But let's not make this le crib time.So I was sad,and I wanted to take a break from wikia.Im feeling a lot better now :).Anyways,on to the blog!

So,A week at ChicaMcFriedChicken's is being drawn,but I can show you the title screen and office.

This game will reused unused mechanics from the deleted(le cri) FNAf:TTR sequel.Also,Freddy,Bonnie and Foxy are gone.

I have another game planned but probably won't be in progress until next year.It's titled Animatronic Attack.Ill give the main idea though.

5 Kids get lost in the Animatronic World,where there's no such thing as day,and dangerous animatronics roam eveywhere.Using their 4th grade talents,you must survive until 6 a.m,where the animatronics are disabled.

Might sound Bad,but who knows :/.Anyways,I also have the animatronic Devantella ready,but I'll make her page on a piece of paper before I make the page.

Yeah,that's it.Thanks for reading.

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