There's this new humanoid-animatronic thinga-ma-bob that Mushrrom has made.It is a female,and she appears to be joyful.Huh,she looks rather....nice...Anyways,I haven't got her name.All I found in mushrrom's data file was Devi.But that IS NOT A NAME.See you next time,bye.


Wooo,time shure does fly!I got a watch to not let that happen again.So,today I found something interesting-me!I got a ********!I sure to **** better!I see I've gotten some ********....whatever.So I will get a ********,got that?Okay,bye!

this day edited by Mushrrom


Hmmm....I got busted yesterday.Im tipping with my beak.Thank you,Leaf Co for autocorrect!At some point,Mushrrom will be doing something called....Secret Sunday?I don't know what that's all about.Well,lets just wait and see.Oh no...IM IN THE PICTURE.AILL I NEED TO CONFESS TOO!


Sorry about yesterday....autocorrect isn't always correct.Anyways,today I got to sneak a picture from Mushrrom.Looks like...."Devi" in some sort of room with....a hair collection?Da heck is that all about?I can't upload pictures,I don't have an account.Hmm...this looks interesting.See you tomorrow guys,bye.


4 more days,guys!Mushrrom has been busy,as you have noticed.So,today I will discuss Secret Sunday.Yes,it looks interesting.The main 4 (TBB TP SF and I) are going to be forced to confess 3 deep secrets.-. I don't think I'm ready yet...So this is going to start on....J_______ _1 ___6?Hmm..he left most letters and numbers blank....lets just wait and see.


Okay,today I don't have any new news guys,sorry.I will instead share some posibilities for Mushrrom.I'm in Mushrrom's lair.Oh no he got in!I hope I don't get caught.So,I think he will most likely continue work for his new game.I wonder,will he be taking art requests?I hope.Sorry for this being short.See you tomorrow guys,bye.


Almost there!Today,I found a picture of....Toy BB and Toy Puppet.....?But they're burnt!Um,I don't know what this is all about,but see you guys later,bye.


1 more day!Today,I got to take a picture of Secret Sunday!Now we will know when this starts!I'm too exited to upload the photo,I'm going to do it with my eyes closed!Yay!!


Mushrrom is back.Mushrrom is happy.Yes,but too bad this is a Saturday :/.

Yesssssss I missed you FNAF Fanon wiki.(Please note I stopped role playing threads.)

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