This is the last day of summer so I have to be ready for it. But this doesn't mean goodbye forever. Just for...when I get back on (which might be a LONG time). But for just in case reasons...

DBB - I am gonna give you ME, Snowflake, and Yoru. Take good care of them when I'm gone got that?

Fuzzy - I'm gonna give you the rest of my OCs (except for one). They don't have pages yet (and I'll keep it that way until I plan to) but use them if you want.

Kami - I'm gonna give you my very first OC, Emy. Take good care of her and I love you. *kisses his cheek*

That's all. If I manage to get here, then I can have all of my OCs back until I leave again. But anyways, thank you guys so much for being here for me. I won't forget every moment we all had together. Wish me luck on good grades and I'll see you all soon!

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