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Emyrald July 2, 2015 User blog:Emyrald

Look after I was out for...maybe the past 4 hours, I read all the stuff I was getting. It was horrible. I saw what looked like fighting to me. I even read the blog post Ender made. *sigh* look...

  • You guys need to chill
  • You all are not idiots
  • None of you are like Gao (except South, Vinny, and some other admins. I am NOT including Fox!)
  • You're all awesome (well most of you). I mean that.

Ok anyways...

Ender you need to calm down. Take a couple breaths and let them out. After that, listen to any music you find that brings you in a good mood. It'll work trust me.

Kami like I said: DBB just happens to join because I guess a coincidence. Look he has nothing to do so I just let him anyways. That doesn't mean I'm cheating on you. I love you with all my heart! <3

MiB you're right about me being fine and all. Plus the other stuff. I didn't FULLY read everything but I know you're just trying to bring peace to this war.

And for all admins (since Ender did mention Gao) sorry if I am acting mean in this blog post but it's just...most of you aren't helping out in certain situations...and I feel that by keeping up this "no emotion act" more and more people will leave this wiki. *sigh* Where's Fox when you need her?

That's all. No this does not mean I'm mad. I just want to have peace thar's all.

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