So anyways, done with my homework now and now I wanted to tell you guys a little story about what happened today!

So anyways, I'm part of a club called J crew where there's all sort of bible studies (I usually go there for life advice because they're all full of them). Plus, there's games, snakes, drinks, and sometimes pizza (sorry Chica)! Anyways, we were playing a game where we have to stay still on the floor and we have to move while no one was looking. I ended up playing the game by myself and guess what? I ended hitting my head and I started laughing because of my little mistake! Seriously, I was laughing so hard, everyone else was laughing and I was rolling on the floor, trying to calm down but failed. I was in tears, laughing so hard, like I couldn't breathe or control myself. After about 10 minutes, I eventually calmed down, I felt sweaty, and it was almost time to go (I know that was the longest and hardest laugh I ever did in my whole ****ing life). Seriously, I will never forget what just happened today. XD

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