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  • Enderspring


    July 4, 2015 by Enderspring

    So, I have some updates, a few of them being bad ones.

    Let's go ahead and start, my departure may be coming soon, a lot of the people on this wiki stress me out, and I've already gotten so stressed because of DBB I can't handle it, if I leave unexpectedly, then I'm probably on the FNAF wiki.

    Good updates, I actually have less to get stressed about, considering those "bad" updates, which is better for my stress, and I'm not gonna be roleplaying here anymore, which is also less stress.

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  • Enderspring


    July 2, 2015 by Enderspring

    Am I becoming too much like Gao? I would like someones opinion on this, cause I feel like crying because I'm acting like a jerk on an internet website where I made my only friends and started losing them.

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  • Enderspring

    I don't get it.

    June 21, 2015 by Enderspring

    The same thing always happens.

    Something I think is bad happens, and then I make a post about it, then everyone just hates on me for it, and then I'm angered and saddened to the point of making a blog post saying I might be taking a break.

    Its what this wiki has come to for god sakes, so its gonna happen again.

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  • Enderspring

    So, I just realized this wiki has a lot of problems, and with these admins they are gonna stay, I'm not being rude and hating on the wiki, just pointing out things that could be better, this has originated from a private conversation me and AMO are having, I'd rather not talk about it, it is private, and I'm pretty sure we are both kinda angry at these problems.

    1. The admins and such, whenever your in chat, you wanna have fun and start a goofy conversation, and be happy, well, there is no such thing like that when an admin joins, when an admin joins, you can't make references or say certain things like "memes", "you're a kid you're a squid", "TF2", "medic", "spy", "duck hunt dog", and for some reason, a type of fanfiction, thats not even a…

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  • Enderspring

    Hi there, so, I've been more active recently! Hurray! Also, editing requests, yea, but I do have some rules and limits.

    • 1. Nothing too advanced, please, a custom office is fine, but a custom office with alot of things I don't have, no.
    • 2. There will be absolutely NO recoloring, I've lost my abilitys to do that, sorry... just kidding, I can still recolor, BUT its pretty hard.
    • 3. Making your OC's is gonna be pretty hard, I suggest like, different versions of an already canon animatronic :/

    So there it is! Request away, just not too advanced please, I am capable of Custom Offices (not advanced), Animatronics (not advanced), etc..

    Yea, derp. XD

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