So, I just realized this wiki has a lot of problems, and with these admins they are gonna stay, I'm not being rude and hating on the wiki, just pointing out things that could be better, this has originated from a private conversation me and AMO are having, I'd rather not talk about it, it is private, and I'm pretty sure we are both kinda angry at these problems.

1. The admins and such, whenever your in chat, you wanna have fun and start a goofy conversation, and be happy, well, there is no such thing like that when an admin joins, when an admin joins, you can't make references or say certain things like "memes", "you're a kid you're a squid", "TF2", "medic", "spy", "duck hunt dog", and for some reason, a type of fanfiction, thats not even all, theres probably alot more the admins will think of out of their head and kick you when you say something, its not fun really, and I think the admins here can be better, its for their own good really.

2. Its literally impossible now to gain a rank, there is very trustworthy people who are definitely worthy of having a rank such as chat mod, but you know what? Since the requirements say "you can't be kicked once", and guess what? Refer to the above statement, alot of people are bound to mention that once, and get kicked, so its hard to get chat mod, you gonna know the admins like you would know your dang brother to get a rank now, now, I know someone is gonna comment on this blog, whether its admin or not admin, that says "Getting kicked for a joke doesen't count, so it is possible to get chat mod rank", but really, the admins take this crap seriously, from what like, everyone ever sees.

3. Anyone gonna punish me for making this blog post? Take for example, South blocks me from the wiki, for making a blog post about how this wiki could be better, that's pretty unfair, right?

Super mega rant is over, leave a comment below and try to learn from what I'm saying and not make me get punished for it, I want this wiki to be better.

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