I did not make this up, trust me :>

Wait, why am I making a blog post about this? Oh well, it's atleast FNAF related.

The Dream

Alright, so, I went to sleep, and then this dream happened.

I was on, and there was some odd sort of interactive teaser for something on, and it was in some sort of storage, with 3 pillars infront of me holding up the place, and empty heads of the animatronics from FNAF1 with lights on, and when the mouse moved in certain places and did certain things, well, certain things happened, if I can remember correctly, the first was when the mouse clicked on the Bonnie head, and purple guy randomly walked to the bonnie head and grabbed it, went to the left, and sparks were coming from the left, then a bonnie suit walked out from there, and then springtrap came from the left, and started dismantling the bonnie suit and breaking his joints, etc... so when that happened, there was a destroyed bonnie suit on the floor, next, the mouse clicked on the darkness behind the pillars, and the words you can't appeared, and the Freddy head was gone, the mouse then clicked on the first pillar and the bonnie suit randomly faded into a shadow version, now looking like shadow bonnie, and the shadow bonnie walked into the darkness, the mouse then clicked on the darkness, and a shadow bonnie face appeared, I just woke up then.

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