OK, seeing how SOME users want joke pages about the third and fourth installment, so I apologize if you thought this was important and you wasted your time reading this blog, but don't worry, this blog will most likely get ignored by SOME people, but if you do care about the game, then listen up. The third and fourth installments stories are already thought up. The third game, " After a unfortunate accident, Bot Entertainment went down the drain, but not everything died a long time ago, 5 years later, you, the player is kidnapped by Bracer and his friends. He wants you to play a survival "game", now you need to survive Bracer and his friends, underground!" The fourth game, " This time, he's done playing nice!, Bracer has now chosen a victim, but he still understands justice, he's targeted a local school bully, after following him home, Bracer plans to murder him, you must defend against Bracer and his friends once again. Be careful, he won't play nice!" Nightmare Bracer will look WAY different then his other drawing. Until then, Survive! (You may place predictions or theories in the comments,Also the fourth games story is a idea by Spy!)

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