SO that FNaF World game is now making me wary, considering that teaser image of Mangle hanging theirself, and plus how sickeningly cheery the gameplay looks.

I don't personally think it's gonna be all cute, I think it's going to take a dark turn like Earthbound with Giygas. But this is purely spectation.

Maybe in the plot, more of the FNaF lore gets revealed?

So.. I shall share a theory (I still have to work on this, but ech.):

We know from Canon that the Purple Guy killed off 5 children by shoving them into suits. We also know that the children haunt the suits. 

Now, what if they invision things like how the Pyro from TF2 sees things? The enemies may represent the Security Guards, and defeating them might represent the Guards being shoved into the suit.  And since they were killed before FNaF2, they could possibly see the Toy Animatronics and the rest as allies.

So basically, while the kids see a reality as being all rainbows and butterfiles, it's not really.

So meh? Anything worth noting or something?

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