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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey guys!

    I got bored this weekend and remade FNaF 1 to the best of my ability in Google Slides! This version of FNaF includes:

    • All cameras!
    • A phone call!
    • Working doors (NOTE: They'll open when the monitor is raised)
    • Some secrets... ;)

    You can play the game here (no Google account required):

    P.S. Make sure you don't scroll down to see all the slides. You'll wanna go in blind!

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  • FazbearFreak
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  • FazbearFreak

    A thing I made

    April 14, 2018 by FazbearFreak

    A mashup based on the little page battle D-BB and I have been having.

    ...That's basically it.

    ...See ya.

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  • FazbearFreak

    Hey guys, and welcome to another Fan Game Review!

    Before I start this review, I want to explain what's up next for the series. Basically, reviews 35-39 will be reassessments of the top 5 games I've reviewed, which are the following:

    • Five Nights at Candy's 3 (Review 35)
    • POPGOES (Review 36)
    • Dormitabis (Review 37)
    • Baby's Nightmare Circus (Review 38, will cover Classic Mode)
    • TJoC Story Mode (Review 39)

    Note that the reassessments will determine these games' place on my score list. For example, if FNaC 3 scores lower on its reassessment, it'll no longer be #1 on the score list. I hope my explanation makes sense.

    Reviews 40-44 will be reassessments on the worst games I've reviewed, and Reviews 45-49 will be reviews on the canon FNaF series (no World or …

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  • FazbearFreak

    Update (4.11.18)

    April 11, 2018 by FazbearFreak

    Hey guys! This is a huge update!

    Now, Steve's Mineshaft Manager is releasing in less than a month, but a simple tycoon game isn't enough to honor the FNaS series, a series I had so much fun making pages for.

    That's why I'm pleased to announce that SMM is going to be a double-feature! Along with the tycoon gameplay I've been promising, you'll also get Five Nights at Steve's Arcade!

    Here's some stuff that you oughta know about FNaSA:

    • This isn't gonna be "FNaS 1 but with SNES graphics". It's gonna be a whole new game with some mechanics that you guys will (hopefully) find interesting.
    • While SMM isn't canon, FNaSA will be, and will serve as the true finale to the FNaS story.
    • Although it's a new canon FNaS game, FNaSA will NOT be a horror game.
    • I have…
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