Yep, you read the title right. Five Nights at Steve's 4 is happening.

I'm going to share a few facts about this game. It's most likely gonna be released tomorrow anyway, let's be honest.

Fact #1: The game is NOT CANON to the FNaS series.

The lore is over. Everything's been put into place.

I'm not gonna just throw a whole new story element into the game just to make a fourth game. I'm doing this just to wrap up the series. Also, I had a lot of fun making the first three games, so I'm making one more for old time's sake.

Fact #2: Only one mob from previous games will return.

That's right, only ONE old mob will come back for FNaS 4. Everyone else will be brand new to the series.

Fact #3: I'm doing this for the fans!

I know I said I wasn't gonna make a FNaS 4, but I changed my mind. Why? Well, since the fans kept the series going after FNaS 1, I decided to make an all new game based off what THEY wanted to see in a FNaS game.

This isn't going to be an ordinary FNaF fan game, let me assure you. This is kind of a "thank you" gift for everyone who helped the series get this far. Without them, there would be no FNaS series, so I'm going to take their requests to heart and implement them into a game. :)

Fact #4: ONE CLUE to the setting.

It's something not from this world. ;)

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