Balloon Boy


Five Nights at Steve's 4 Teaser


This game will not be canon to the main FNaS storyline. Also, there are some spoilers ahead.


It's gotten much worse since the beginning.

After Minetropolis' bunker got destroyed by a freak storm, the people of the town were forced to evacuate through any means necessary. Your only method of escape is by [SPOILERS].

Congratulations, you've left your nightmare... and entered a new one.

Once again, you must ward off hostile mobs in an attempt to secure yourself until [SPOILERS].

But this time, you must fight to survive.


Mob N. Start Ward
Z.P 1 Swo.
W.S 1 Swo.
E.D 1 Wat.
M.C 2 Not.
B.L 2 Not.
G.H 3 Red.
W.I 5 Red.

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