This game will not be canon to the main FNaS storyline. Also, there are some spoilers ahead.


It's gotten much worse since the beginning.

After Minetropolis' bunker got destroyed by a freak storm, the people of the town were forced to evacuate through any means necessary. Your only method of escape is by [SPOILERS].

Congratulations, you've left your nightmare... and entered a new one.

Once again, you must ward off hostile mobs in an attempt to secure yourself until [SPOILERS].

But this time, you must fight to survive.


Mob N. Start Ward
Z.P 1 Swo.
W.S 1 Swo.
E.D 1 Wat.
M.C 2 Not.
B.L 2 Not.
G.H 3 Red.
W.I 5 Red.

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