Hey everyone!

I've started writing down info about FNaS 4 on Google Docs, and I'm pleased to say that the game is abut 50% done! :)

I decided to share some information about the game.


  • The game will be canon... sort of. I know I said that this game wouldn't be canon, but I changed my mind. FNaS 4 will be a sequel to FNaS 3. However, FNaS 4 is not planned to drop any pieces of the lore. The lore is still complete; FNaS 4 will just be a game where it doesn't matter much if it's canon or not.
  • The game will use ideas from the comments of previous games. I'm taking ideas from FNaS' many fans and implementing them into a game. So I'm not really making this game, the fans are.
  • There will be a "Hardcore" mode. No comment on it until release.
  • Two big things are in store for this game. What are they? Wait until release...
  • Steve will return... for the most part.

That's the info I have for now! Theorize with it as you wish, but don't forget the previous update! :)

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